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    hacked or not hacked


      Hi, I had a indian man call while i was on the computer saying he was from windows and he just got a error message which i really just got one.  Well he showed me the errors in my computer and

      then he try to sell me a 2 year contract to fix the errors. I of course said no but they were in my computer . Have I been hacked and what do i do?

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          Hi whatapain & welcome to the McAfee Community Forums,


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          Did you permit the caller to access your computer remotely?


          It is quite likely the caller was attempting to scam you.  Microsoft is not in the habit of calling computer users at home without you having contacted THEM first regarding some support issue.


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            Peter M

            No repuatble software company, especially Microsoft, calls people out of the blue like that.  These are hoax calls, similar to spam email, the trouble is you let them into your computer.  I suggest you turn off any file sharing or other networking that they may have set up and change all your passwords for email both in your computer and at any webmail accounts you have (Gmail or Hotmail or your own ISP account), plus the one you use logging into your computer and especially any online banking ones and even, if your BIOS allows it, set a password for it too.   By letting a total stranger into your machine you gave him/her carte blanche to steal everything therein.


            Download, install, update and run a full scan using the FREE version of THIS software.  (NOT the trial of the Pro version).


            Note: If any malware stops that from happening that particular software will do all that in 'Safe Mode with Networking' reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up.  It's usually #2 on the ensuing menu.

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              Peter M

              I should add as a footnote here, Technical Support for McAfee is based mostly in India, however they would never call anyone unless asked to do so through prior contact originating from you, the customer.

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                You are definetley hacked, change all passwords Install/reinstall security software and scan Your computer.