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    Seeking Answer Involving Traffic monitor

      Hi I am In the middle of trying to clean my computer at one of the suggested sites that view Hijack this logs.This has been 6 days Of fuul time torture.I am Looking for a few answers for the Mcafee traffic monitor.

      I have recently noticed Mcafee service host has been taking up almost all of My daily Traffic.Normally It would be My browser.Could Mcafee service Host have an Issue going on? Seems very odd that it has taken up over 90% of traffic the last few days I have looked.I also noticed some other Odd entries In there.Here are the Images & some of the I.P`s connected through Mcafee service Host.


      Mc service host.JPG



      mc host 1.JPG


      These are just Some of the addresses In service Host.This does not apear to be correct can anyone explain how service host works & what it should be connected to.Thanks I really need an Answer.

      I know Mcafee is not going to divulge how it actually works.I just would like to know for sure that what I`m seeing is Not good.Thank You

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          These are also some of the recent I.P address found Under the Mcafee service host List In IMage Above.Some are very odd to me 1 In McAfee Service host from Portugal? Also facebook In beverly hills?Mcafee service host to Go Daddy.I am Interested In the Answer for these Questions Please If there Is any Insight.


  -Tmn Telicomunicacoes Moveis nacionais SA  Portugul ?

  -Google -Mountain View

  -Facebook -Beverly Hills

 Go Daddy

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            The IP address shows the address of the link that you just accessed it.

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              No,The address shows the adresses of links I did`nt access.Also why would Mcafee Service host have 94% of my traffic over a 24 hour period? Huge Issues here.

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                I agree, it's most unusual. Mine shows 80-85% for browsers, McSvHost sits at around 3-5%.


                Did you copy down and keep all the IP addresses? Some will be to McAfee servers, but the rest? Google, Facebook, GoDaddy?  They should appear elsewhere.


                Bear in mind what McSvHost is - a container package for services.McSvHost services.JPG


                I don't see why GoDaddy, for instance, should be there.

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                  Hi Hayton Thanks for the Reply.Yes I know.Since I have had Mcafee for Some years now.I am pretty familiar with that.I have looked around over the years & never have seen Mcafee Service host Using up so much traffic.But being that I am In the middle of a Nasty Virus or something I am trying to fix now.I can Assume that it is Easily communicating through service host somehow?I know Of all the statements that no Antivirus catches everything.But Mcafee has Proved virtually worthless.After years Of Bad Dats,Mcshield Issues,damaged haed drives,Hidden Images,yearly upgrades that are Hardly Release canidates.Mcafee has Proved It does not protect the user on Boot up.Then when Infected will notice Zip.At least In this case.Since I am very security minded & very careful on sites.Plus constantly have all programs updated bt Secunia.I am amazed that this is the 2nd Computer that Is now infected with Mcafee installed.If I am lucky enough to not hacve to do the Dreaded reinstall.I know Now after years Here I will most likely eat the remaining years of this Mcafee Contract & try My luck Elseware.I guess everone else that tells Me Mcafee Is Not all That great were not Crazy.

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                    Not only Go Daddy.Why is Mcafee service Host connecting with facebook & Portugul? I dont have a face book account.LOL


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                      Yes I have some of the adresses.But why or How is this Traffic being used through Mcafee service Host??But Mcafee does not Flag a thing?All Is clear according to Mcafee.When I Know that My system Is Infected.Not very happy with Mcafee protection.After doing some research On Av-test & Av Comparitives Mcafee does not rate as Good as I would have thought.It ranks Well.But there are others that seem to do Much bettor at Clean Up & blocking.

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                        Why would a company like spy bot search & destroy consider Mcafee As spyware??



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                          I guess there Is no known answer to these very Critical questions from McAfee?Since I will assume silence answers these very Important Questions for me.I will certainly Consider My findings to be fair & also with No Answer to McAfee service host another critical Flaw.I will have to seriously consider leaving Mcafee for good.Plus the Fact that While being Infected McAfee found absolutely Nothing.Since Looking a bit further In the top  companies that rate Antivirus protection. Av-test & Av comparatives.I have noticed McAfee does a fair Job But not a Very good or Great Job like some others.I was surprised to even see a freeware version that did a Bettor Job at Cleaning Up Malware.So after Years with McAfee & my findings I believe I will be Going elsewhere.I doubt I will change my mind.Although I Know & love the actual setup of the Mcafee Interface & will Miss using these Forums.which I have received excellent help from  & all The volunteers Especially Ex_Brit,Peacekeeper & Hayton.Thanks to all Of You guys.I may have left earlier If not for the unpaid Help from Mcafee.With a whole year still on My subscription I again will waste it.As was the case 3 years ago.Not very happy about this.But thats life.Good luck to all here & all new McAfee subscribers.

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