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    What determines if a system is Non-Compliant??

      The team I work with that oversees the EPO systems was discussing non-compliance reports and we noticed we really didnt seem to understand how they are generated.  For instance as it stands we have normally between 12-15 non compliant systems at any given time depending on diff factors.  However, when I run our weekly systems report of the 1k's of servers we have, between 100-150 show up as having not made contact with EPO in months!  How can a system no longer responding to EPO not show up in the non-compliant query? Which leads me to the original question as to what factors determine which systems show up as non-compliant?

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          If you look at the VSE 8.8 complicance report in ePO 4.6.1 the criterea are DAT (within 3 revisons of latest), Engine (equals latest) and VSE product version (equals latest)


          - Which compliance report are you running?

          - Has someone editted the default report?

          - Do you run multiple ePO servers?

          - Are your DATs being updated on the ePO server? bit of a no brainer but if DAT version is one of the criterea

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            The report we are running appears to be a managed systems report.  It lists all the systems we currently manage in EPO.  It is within this report it includes last communicated date of each server.  This is where we've noticed many of our servers not reporting to EPO in many months. 


            To answer your quests the best I can:


            -Managed systems report

            -No one has edited the default report that I know of

            -Just one master server

            -DATs are being updated on the epo server. 


            I can see were your response to what determines non compliance does mirror what shows up in our non compliance report.  However, it still seems that a server that hasnt responded to ePO in months would qualify and show up in this report, but they arnt.  The only thing I can think of is that servers that show up as non compliant are still reporting just not updating correctly and the ones we are worried about just dont report at all.  In this case they kind of fly under the radar since they dont appear as non compliant.

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              Concerning the servers that aren't communicating, have you confirmed that these systems actually exist?  How does ePO know if a server has been deleted?  If you are sync'ing with AD, then ePO would know.  If not, then you may need to confirm that the servers still exist on the network.  If they do exist, you should probably redeploy agents to them.  I use a server task with a query to identify systems that haven't checked in for a while, once it reaches a particular threshold, (3 weeks on our network) ePO deletes these systems from its database.