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    Report daily virus not cleaned

      Good morning,


      I would like to know if I can set a daily email that contains a report containing all the viruses found that were not cleaned or deleted.




      it's urgent



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          Hi Bomberfontana,


          Yes its possible you can create automatic response Based on "infceted file detected not removed" "buffer overflow detected" etc.


          Which version of ePO is running on your environment.


          before that you need to set the email server from server settings


          Mail settings.JPG


          Procedures to create automaic response :


          1) Go to Menu-Automation-Automatic response

          2) select "Malware detected and not handled " and edit and click next

          Malware detced.JPG


          3)Set the filter as shown in the figure and click next



          Note : We set only for servers if you want u can add worksation  also we have selected only malware detected and malawre detected using heurastic kidly add the threat category as per your requirements.


          4)Set the aggregation as shown in the picture and click next




          5) add the recepients email id and set the body as per your requirements and click next




          6) Finally the summary of the automatic response will appear click save


          Hope this helps

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            You can also configure a server task to run a report automatically for you & email the results.


            I've got this configured for a number of different reports to run on a daily/weeky basis