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    Full scan takes days

      As with some other users who've posted here, my system slows to a crawl while McAfeeis is conducting a full scan. That wouldn't be such a problem if  the scan could be completed in a reasonable amount of time.  I've been running a scan for days, and it's still saying it's just 39% done. (actually, that percentage seems to be stuck, even though the number of scanned files keeps changing).


      It's not hanging up on any particular files. The system has lots of resources and I've turned off all of the non-essential programs.  The disk drive, is the apparent bottleneck.


      I ran the Virtual Technician and all it di was correct a registry error.


      Any other ideas?


      Computer: AMD Athlon dual core 7550, 2.5 GHz, 3 GB memory, Vista SP2.

      Software:  McAfee VirusScan v.15, build 15.0.294

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          1. which scan is this

          Both scheduled and custom scan can exclude folders and files you do not want scanned ie exclude a folder where you have large avis or zip files. these files slow the scan down.


          In scan setting look for option ticked "use minimum resources" unselect this.

          Try a custom scan excluding zip files and try it with Program and documents only to see what speed it takes.

          Have you a folder in windows called checksur? It is made by windows update when an update stumbles and the files it contains can slow things down.

          Exclude network and external drives


          That said have you done a chkdsk c: /r at the command prompt. It will require a reboot and check your disk health.