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    VSE 8.5i Patch 8 slowing down backupexec jobs by up to 80%

      I deployed Patch 8 on the 11th March, via ePol orchestrator 4.0

      since then I've had 2 of our backup jobs taking more than 80% longer to complete (10hrs now 16+ hrs) . Backup exec usually has a throughput for this job of ~880 MB/min - that has now dropped to 478 MB/min

      These jobs are on different servers with different version of backup exec on Windows 2003 servers on LTO tape drives (one since tape drive, the other an autoloader).

      both jobs are flat file share backups. (exchange and database, volume snapshots appear to be unaffected).

      the only thing in common is VSE 8.5i Patch 8.

      currently rolling back patch 8 on the server(s) but that requires a reboot, so will have to be done over the weekend some time.
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