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    ePO Disaster Recovery Concept

      Hi All

      I'm new to this for forum and Mcafee products.

      I have to setup a disaster recovery concept for our ePO environment.


      given by my mgmt:

      - We run 2 physical Prod servers, on with ePO4.5&Policy Auditor extension and one with the MS2008 SQL DB, both on Win2008 R2 Servers.

      - I got 2 (one ePO, one MS SQL) new servers in our DR site where the failover should happen to.

      - SQL DB should live mirror from Prod to DR site

      - ePO config should be restored from our NET backup in a disaster scenario.

      - Failover via DNS entry change or spanning tree IP



      My questions are:

      - has anyone experience with live mirroring the SQL DB in terms of the DB's performance?

      - How did others solved the failover from the necessary files from ePO install files(Keystore, apache, etc )? (as mentioned in McAfee KB66616 -> ePO backup and restore procedure)

           ( -> The ideas I'm considering are clone copy or suresync or as from my mgmt proposed via Net backup but I'm not too happy with net backup)

      - How does your DR concept look like?



      Thanks for any helpful contribution, experience report or just our ideas.