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    Virus Scan 8.8 - stops two servers

      Hi, I have two different servers - one HP ProLiant DL380 G3 with W2K3 R2 (32bit) and one DL 380 G7 with W2K8 R2 (64bit). The first one is running since ages, the latter one just now set up, both act as file servers. I have robo-copied  a big bunch of files from the old to the new server, running into trouble on both machines - both machines hung at morning and had to be switched off the hard way. In Event log I saw afterwards McShield problems like this:

      Exception in McShield.Exe!

      Exception details follow :


      Exception Code : 0XC0000005

      Exception Address : 0X121BF920

      Exception Parameters : 2

      Param 1 = 00000000

      Param 2 = 0X0000000C

      More information :

      ScanRequest : NTName is \Device\HarddiskDmVolumes\PhysicalDmVolumes\BlockVolume1\Disk_D\i\<long path>\lrunner\lrd_LRP.nt\dat\protocols\odbc.lrp_mln.


      So - I tried and tested uninstall, reinstall McAfee, made sure both servers had the latest version and packages and run an On-Demand-Scan against the files shown in the eventlog. The scan hangs again and again, not always at the same file, and brings the machine to a halt. Neither processor nor memory usage is high.
      I also had access to another unused (new) server which I set up similar to my new one plus a few VMs, none of them showing this annoying behavior.

      Where would you look? 

      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise; Scan Engine 5400.1158, DAT 6640.0000