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    Inconsistent Date Formats in Scans




      Has anyone else come across the one, we have a 4 server model for scanning.


      Enterprise Manager

      API Server

      Scan Engine

      SQL Server


      In the Enterprise Manager interface (and reporting) we are seeing


      EngineNameJob IDStartStopDurationProgressStatusHosts FoundAction
      GMSTPSSE01Test - Hi Non-Int Cred52012-1-3 11:34:152012-3-1 12:05:591392:31:44100%Complete 8

      As you can see, the actual date should be in UK format and was actually 1st March 2012 (both start and stop), not sure where to start looking for this one!


      Many thanks guys




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          Hi Richard,


          I know the dates sometimes differ in the product.  Since we introduced the "use local time" for scans, the deveopers did it to be *consistent*.


          Please refer to the following KB Article, and let me know if it addresses your question(s).





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            Thanks for the answer Cathy


            I currently have a support call open for this and it seems to be puzzling most people.


            I have checked all the TimeZone settings across all the servers, the only error I haev currently found is the Collation setting on the database is incorrect - though I'm unsure how this would affect the writing of dates and times from different components!


            Any other thoughts would be helpful :-)





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              Hi Ritch,


              Did you get a solution yet?


              If you're still working on it, let me know the SR # and I can look into it.


              Have a great day!

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                Hi Cathy


                Still working on a solution, we believe we have narrowed it down to a Collation error on the SQL server, we have our Collation set to Latin_General_CI_AS and both Foundstone and ePO (well actually some of the point products!) require SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS


                The challange I am now facing is how to change the collation of both the database and the server (I have the answer for the server) but there is no easy way on a database - even creating a blank database then importing all the tables fails as one of the table columns is READ ONLY!


                SR number is 3-2049832271


                Cheers for your help Cathy





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                  Hi Richard,


                  Looks like I got this SR anyway, and we're working on it now.


                  As you can attest, the *solution* isn't a simple one.


                  The problem is the Database Collation.  MVM only supports "SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS".  So, anybody who might have a different collation would be well served to switch to a supported one earlier than later.


                  So, sorry you didn't get that answer sooner!



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