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    Registering ePO servers with external SQL database

      I have a central ePO which is supposed to be a reporting server that would roll-up data from two other ePO servers. Both of these ePO servers have their databases in separate servers.


      I want to register these ePO servers in my reporting ePO and I choose ePO 4.5 as the server type. However, the IP address that I'm required to enter is that of the database server. There's no place where I could specify the IP address or details of the target ePO server.


      Is this how it is supposed to work or did McAfee assume that everybody would be using the database on the same server as the ePO? As it is, I can successfully register the database server of the target ePO and do a successful connection test. But I have put nothing regarding the target ePO server itself and it seems a bit awkward to me.