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    Full scan stalls all other programs

      Hi--When I perform a full scan, I cannot use the computer for anything else. I had scans sceduled and the scans would begin the next time I turned the computer on after the scheduled scan time. Anything I would do would crawl to near total halt while the scan was going. I have taken to manual scans only, but then I have to be near the computer for hours to keep waking it up to keep the scan going. I don't know if these are 2 separate issues or part of the same problem.

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          Hi peggydog and welcome to the McAfee Community Forums!


               Until some of our more knowledgeable forum members, Moderators, or McAfee staff can arrive to review your post, would you please be so kind as to post back with the following information shown below?  This will enable them to assist you better.


          1.  Name of your computer & what operating system are you using.

          2.  WHICH McAfee product and version of it are you using?

          3.  How much RAM does your computer have?

          4.  With regard to "waking the computer up to keep the scan going", have you tried disabling the hibermation mode on your computer via the Control Panel (IF it IS enabled)?

          5.  Please provide the names of any other security software currently running on your computer.  (E.g. Malwarebytes, SUPERAntiSpyware, etc).


          Thank you for your cooperation!  Rest assured with the many experienced people we have here, we'll help you sort it all out!


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            You might have problem with your computer requirements. You can also run into safe mode and then do a scan and see if it works.

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              Dear PeggyDog,


              Could you tell us about the product and version details.


              I hope so its Virus scan enterprise and managed by  ePO.


              If its managed by ePO could you check your client task which you have created for scanning in that kindly check "system utilization "under configuration tab.


              system configuration.JPG

              If the VSE is unmanaged then open the cirus scan console select the scheduled scan option and check the performance tab.


              system configuration.JPG


              Hope this will helps you .....

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                Pete--Thanks for the reply. I've got a Dell Dimension E521 with Windows XP, 3gb RAM, McAfee Internet Security, and no other anti-virus program. I have not tried disabling hibernation mode.


                I will try that, but I would like to know if the scan could run in the background while I am doing other things.



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                  Celavey--Thanks for the reply. I will try running the scan in safe mode, but I'm not sure that will tell me...


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                    Lakshmanan--Thank you for replying, but I would need a little more help if I were to try the modification you suggest.


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                      Unless you are are a business customer running an Enterprise version of McAfee, I think you can quietly ignore Lakshmanan's suggestion. I think his suggestion would not apply to any of the Consumer products that we deal with in this part of the McAfee Community. Normally he posts in the Business section .... perhaps it's quiet over there.



                      Edit - as to your question about running a scheduled scan in the background : yes, you can do that. Open Security Center, select Real Time Scanning --> Scheduled Scan settings, click on 'Schedule Your Scan' and then on 'Scan using minimal resources'. It takes longer, and still can be cpu-intensive (slowing you down), but you should be able to work while the scan is going on in the background.


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                        Does it slow up on any particular folder or file?


                        Scanning large zip files and AVIs can slow it up as do large quantities of small zip files.