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    undocking the update window

      For some reason, McAfee has decided to dock its update notification window in the lower right corner of my screen.  It's obnoxious enough that the window can't be minimized, but now I can't move it out of the way either.  Does anyone know how to undock it?  And McAfee, if you see this, what in God's name made you think this is a good idea?  If you're trying to be so obtrusive that we'll just click update immediately just to get it out of the way, it's going to backfire.  If no one here knows how to undock it, I'll just change my settings so I have to check for updates manually.  Our computers are ours.  They don't exist as some device to store updated versions of McAfee.  At a certain point, you're just not worth the trouble, and you're getting awfully close to that point.  It's not like you're the only antivirus software available.

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          Check McAfee preferences, options or settings folder for this. You should be able to read where you need to change it.

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            Hi Nigelp,


              Kindly let us know what is the Internet explorer version in the computer. 

              Also check when you click on about of McAfee screen does is show a blank screen.

              If McAfee screen shows blank screen, Follow the steps in the doc https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-3000


            Jai Prakash,
            McAfee Community Moderator.


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              Could you be a little more specific?  I didn't find anything about the update pop-up window position.  The only thing I found regarding updates was whether or not I wanted notificatons.


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                I have Explore 8.0.6 installed.  The McAfee screen does not appear blank when I click on the "About McAfee" tab.

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                  Open SecurityCenter by double-clicking the taskbar icon (or right-click and select)

                  Click Navigation at top right

                  Click General Settings and Alerts at left

                  Click Information Alerts

                  Uncheck the one for updates if already checked and click Apply


                  An update popup is unavoidable, however, a) if you have updates turned off and haven't updated for some time or b) a major update has occurred and you need to reboot.


                  If that fails to budge the annoyance I suggest opening a case with Technical Support, it's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.






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                    I assume that will make it so I don't get a pop-up at all, and that I will have to check manually, by right-clicking on the toolbar icon or some such, to see if there are any updates available, correct?  That is my plan B.  It's not that I object so much to the pop-up, it's that I object to it not being movable.

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                      No it just means that it wont tell you when an update has been installed but to check the update version/date then yes, you'd have to go into SecurityCenter/About.  Normally they come in silently.  On my machine I never even notice them unless I happen to look at the icon by the clock at thr right moment and detect the activity there.

                      You can set how SecurityCenter actually checks for updates in Updates > Settings on the main page.

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                        When I've allowed McAfee to update at will in the past, everything on my computer slows to a crawl, which is very annoying if you're in the middle of something or want to use the computer for anything but an updating machine for McAfee.  That's why I make McAfee tell me when an update is ready so I can update my computer when it's convenient for me, rather than when it's convenient for them.

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                          That's a shame, maybe your machine is nearer to the system requirement limits than mine.   I notice a slight reduction in performance but not a lot.