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    i need clarification about None

      Hi All,

      I am runing the top 10 detcted threads and i need clarification about :

      None ( its mean ??? )

      keep geting Q from my clinet about why anti virus detect these thread with action None ??

      If anyone have more detailed informition about this i would appreciate his input please

      thank you
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          Well, Since you've been very unclear in your question..

          Do you mean you're using the "Top Ten Detected THREATS" using your ePO utility reports? Or are you finding that chart somewhere else?

          As to the "None" meaning in the "Actions" column, it means exactly what it sounds like.. No action was taken by McAFee on the detected item.. Such items can be "Potentially Unwanted Programs" (PUPs), or un-scanned files which are locked by Windows, or a number of other items. The problem is detected but no action was performed. The settings for such actions are set by the administrator by using the "On Access Scanner" or "On Demand Scanner" settings. If you want that column to be different, you'll need to adjust the settings to match your preference.

          Hope this helps.