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    Security Center displays incorrect subscription information

      On February 24 I used the renew option in Security Center to update my subscription, which was due to expire on February 25. I carried out the renewal successfully, and downloaded and installed the software with no problem, or so I thought. The new expiration date was correct in security center, and MVT indicated no problems. Everything seemed fine till today (March 3).


      Suddenly this afternoon I got a popup indicating my software had expired, and offering a renew option. This is after about 8 days under the new install. When I checked, all McAfee processes appear to be running normally. However, the subscription information now shows the old February 25 date, and MVT indicates that the subscription has expired.


      When looking at my information at the McAfee site, I see 2 subscriptions:


      ----  An expired one for Antivirus Plus ( with the old expiration date)


      ---- A new active one for Security Center ( with the new 2013 expiration)


      Both have the same computer name. I only have one computer and need only one license.


      I am guessing the the McAfee software on my PC automatically verified the subscription today, and saw the expired subscription for this computer name, and not the new active one. If I manually choose the verify subscription option in Security Center it tells me I have expired products.


      Does anyone have a way to get around this?


      It seems to me that it makes no sense for McAfee to permit multiple subscriptions for the same computer name in their database unless they want to check all of them to see if one is active. They appear to stop at the first one they see with the right name and assume the status is correct, even if there is another subscription that is active.


      I considered reinstalling, but I think the problem is in McAfee's subscription datebase, and I would have the same problem again.


      All of the McAfee software on  my computer seems to be functioning correctly,  but  I am concerned that somewhere along the line this discrepancy will cause further trouble. Also MVT is now a useless tool since it can't get past the fact that the subscription appears expired.


      Any ideas?

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          Hello Citrus,


          This normally happens when the products installed on the PC  syncs up with the older subscription data base . However, this is temporary , we have a tool to correct these type of errors, please follow the document here that would explain you to complete the process and kindly let us know if you still face issues post running the tool.




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            Hi Dinesh,


            Thank you for the assistance. Sorry for the delay. I was busy with some work over the last few days and didn't want to take a chance that the software might malfunction if I tried to fix it. Today I followed the procedure you outlined and it appears to have worked successfully. SecurityCenter now shows the correct expiration date, and  the verify subscription option shows a valid subscription. Also, McAfee Virtual Techician is now happy with a current subscription and runs successfully.


            Hopefully the problem will not return. For your information, earlier in the year I had turned off the automatic subscription renewal since my internet provider was offering Norton for free. I didn't wat the subscription to renew until I decided if I wanted to keep McAfee. When I made my decision to keep McAfee, I clicked the renew option in SecurityCenter, and I think things went haywire from there. For many years I have been running AntiVirus Plus, but the renewal screen I was taken to was (if I remember correctly) called Internet Security. I didn't realize at the time I was changing to a new product suite (for $10 more, by the way). Because this created a separate subscription record, the subscription confusion I encountered was now possible.


            I'm happy the problem was fixed, but I am upset that simply clicking renew did not in fact renew, but placed me in an unintended upgrade. In a sense, my decision to stay with McAfee cost me more money and caused unecessary aggravation.


            I would suggest that this scenario be forwarded to the technicians for review, because it is not trivial from a customer viewpoint.  I for one, will now reconsider my decision to stay with McAfee when my next renewal occurs.


            However, I want to thank you for your support. Your assistance was greatly appreciated.


            Thank You!!

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              this is the second time i have seen this link to fix this problem and also the second time the link appears broken. i have the same problem and need it fixed as well.

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                It works for me. I've answered fully in your 4th post which has its own thread.

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                  Sorry, but this does not work.


                  I am unable to disable Access Protection, as the old license has expired, and I cannot access the relevant configuration because of that.


                  So I cannot rename the files and run the tool.

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                    I tried running the Subscription repair tool without disabling Access Protection and renaming the files, and that worked.


                    I think the original advice should be amended to mention that this can be done.