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    Virus scan freeze computer

      Hello all,



      I know this topic has been discussed quite a few times, but after browsing through the threads I had not been able to find a solution to my problem.  This started a couple weeks ago, when I noticed my "Full scan" would freeze at around 4-8% (randomly).  The program could not be cancelled, unable to shut off, not even with "End Task" from Task Manager.  This further leads to my computer's inability to shut down.  It would ask me to "Force close" McAfee, then froze on the "Window is shutting down" screen all night (I am using Windows 7, 32 bits).  I had to hard reboot it, and upon restart get a message saying my computer was not shutdown properly and ask if I want to start at safe mode. 


      I read in previous threads where users had similar problem, they seems to be caused by a bad file or something that they were able to identified.  But mine is more random.  I try to reproduce the problem by running the scan repeatedly and found no trend.


      Full scans stalls at around 4-8%, quick scan always stalls at 98%, at random files:

      Program files\...PX stroage Engine\block.dll

      Program Files\Adobe....\Reader\Tracker\tr,gif


      some random mp3 files I have in my hard drive


      When running full scans for isolated devices (e.g. my jump drive, my phone when plug in, my mp3 player etc), scans went uninterrupted.  This leads me to think it's something in my hard drive that is not working properly. 

      chkdsk did find anything.


      I am not a computer person - not sure what I should do to further check it or fix it.  Can anyone help?


      Oh, and McAfee can update itself with no problem, or that it seems.