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    Signature IPS logging problem on Sidewinder (help!)


      Hi all, I have a Sidewinder Firewall configured in HA. We are using the IDS/IPS feature, and we are having trouble with this situation:



      Because we are testing the correct functioning of the IPS, we have modified the IPS attack Response for "intrussion all" to logs all the IPS events to the log File and send us an Email on any IPS ocurrence (Allways Respond or Everytime in Control Center).



      The main problem that we are having is that only one signature of a specific category is logging all the time. We do not want to disable all logging from that category, we want to disable logging only for that particular signature. We also want to have that signature available, but only dropping traffic and not logging to our email.



      How can we do that? Any help will be appreciated.



      Thanks in advanced