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    Problem to flush Cache





      I have a problem to access a website here in Brazil. When I try access the website http://www.senado.gov.br/noticias/TV I see a link to a website called http://zeadi.senado.gov.br but this address doesn't exist. So I try access the web site without using the MWG Version 7.1.6(12411) as proxy directly to the internet and I see another links at the website. I had performed access from another locations and all work and show the website links different.



      After this test, I thought will be necessary to flush the cache, but after I did it still show the wrong link. I use another proxy(Squid) and show the correct links.



      Have any different way to flush the cache in MWG Version 7.1.6(12411) without presse the button FLUSH .... ?



      If I delete the /opt/mwg/cache files, will I have a problem ?





      Thanks for all!!

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          please do not manually delete anything on the cache partition unless instructed so by support. There are some container/sparse files which need to be present and are also showing up when the cache is empty.


          Flushing the cache can take some time because a lot of objects are stored. Please also ensure that you clean up the browsers cache. To verify you could put a criteria into your cache rule set that skips caching for the URL in question. Also the cache status can be logged so you can verify if the result came from the cache or maybe the browser cached the request.


          As far as I know the only way to flush the cache is the button - in case you find the button not working, please file an SR to have support take a look.




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            Thanks Andre for the reply.



            I'm still with that problem and I did what you said to put the URL to skip caching but it didn't work and I'm still receiving the incorrect URL link.


            I try access the URL from my mobile and it's works fine but if I'm connected to my local network and using the proxy it redirect me to an incorrect URL.


            What more can I do ? I'd performed the rule set deactivate but the problem still happens.


            Thanks for the support.


            PS: What information I need to open a case ?




            Luiz Ricardo

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              Hello Luiz,


              the wrong content comes directly from the webserver, it's not MWG that is changing the content, nor is it the web cache that has stored old information.


              The webserver seems to check if a proxy is involved by looking for the "X-Forwarded-For" header. If that is the case the webserver is creating the wrong URLs by using the http://zeadi.senado.gov.br domain.


              You can check this with wget if you have linux console access (works also on an MWG appliance):


              wget --header "X-Forwarded-For:" http://www.senado.gov.br/noticias/TV/


              This generates the wrong content, even without MWG involved.


              I'll try to check if there is a way to supress the X-Forwarded-For header in MWG, but the root problem is still the webserver that generates invalid URLs.





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                there is a rule set in the online rule set library on contentsecurity.mcafee.com which helps you to remove the headers before the traffic leaves MWG. You need to make sure that the last proxy in a proxy chain removes the header before it is sent to the internet. If MWG uses an upstream proxy you will nee to remove the header there, it the upstream proxy will add a new one.


                Web servers should usually do not care about the X-Forwarded-For header. I would recommend to maybe talk to the web server adminsitrator as well to change this behaviour or send something useful instead of broken links.




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                  I did what you said and all works fine.


                  I'd a problem with other URL and resolve after I've created the rule set to remove that information from the header.


                  Thanks for all.





                  Luiz Ricardo

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                    Guys, also worked in my environment, congratulations Asabban for this post.