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    Searching DB for Tickets with Comments

      Has anyone figured a way to search for all tickets with comments?  Let's say I have a common type of ticket that comes up, ie it will error out when doing a verify, so a bunch of tickets will be moved into another queue with the identical comment of "Errors out when doing a verify".  What I want to do is now search the db and find all tickets with this comment.  Now that I have this list, I want them all to be pulled out of multiple queues and dropped into another queue labeled errors.

      Is this something I would need to do from the  FSDBUtil, or do I need to do it from a SQL query of the db?  Keeping in mind this is a production db, I have to tread lightly.


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Hi mattjsr,


          This functionality doesn't exist.  It would make a good Product Enhancement Request:


          Go to:


          click on the Submit Feature Request button


          Otherwise you would have to query the DB:


          here's a start (as always backup your DB before runing anyting against it):


          select t.TicketID, t.FaultlineID, v.name, v.recommendation, t.status, t.created as TicketCreateDate, t.comments

          from Tickets T

          INNER JOIN content.vuln v on t.faultlineID = v.faultlineID

          Where Comments LIKE '%<your string>%'



          replace <your string> with whatever your're searching for... remove the <>.


          If you need further assistance with the query, please open a Service Request.



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