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    Viruscan 8.7 and sql 2008 r2 mirroring

      Has anyone had an issue with viruscan enterprise 8.7 and sql 2008 r2 database mirroring.  Currently i have sql mirroring set up like the following:


      Server A principal

      Server B mirror

      Server C witness


      Mirroring works fine all day until Viruscan successfully pulls the latest DAT version.  As soon as the update completes, the mirror connection times out with the following error:


      The mirroring connection to "TCP://xxxxxx:5022 has timed out for database xxxxx after 10 seconds without a response.  Check service and network connections.


      I have changed the times when autoupdate for Viruscan to run and I have verified that this error happens when the autoupdate successfully finds a new DAT and installs it.  The entire process completes in about 2 minutes. 


      Anyone seen anything like this?


      Currently running Viruscan 8.7.0i with software patch 3 installed.  I know 3 is outdated and I am about to install patch 5.

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          Suggest looking at the performance tweaks available for reducing strain when updates occur.

          The biggest hinderance to your described issue will be the disk I/O required to read the megabytes of signature file data as the scanner reinitializes following the DAT update. It will take longer than 10s for almost any hardware out there.


          But, the update performance tweaks also include reducing priority of our scanner threads to "normal", which should allow for the SQL mirroring to get some CPU time.

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            Thanks wwarren.  There were two exclusions that I had left out that were recommended by mcafee.  Once I added those exclusions, mirrirong with the witness fucntions fine.