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    McAfee ePO Agent installation Query


      i want to know is there any query in epo server 4.5 through which i can get information that how many agent has been installed on client machines on a specific day?




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          In ePO 4.6 in "Queries & Reports -> Shared Groups -> Product Deployments" there's already a pre-built query

          Name:  New Agents Added to ePO per Week 
          Notes:  Great query during a rollout or tracking the number of new agents showing up in ePO on daily, weekly or monthly basis.


          It even tells you who installed it.


          Update: Opps sorry. missed where you said you had 4.5


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            Maybe if it's not in 4.5 (I don't have 4.5 to be able to check) you could build it manually


            Basically it's a query against "Logging -> Audit Log Entries" with the criteria (Action Equals "New system" and Completion Time Is before now)