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    Permission Sets

      I am running EPO 4.6.1. I am trying to create a user account within EPO for some users to perform tasks but with limited privilages. One of the tasks that they need to complete is manually running a server task. I have created a permission sets with all the relavent privilages and all appears to be working fine apart from one part.


      The Server tasks field within the permission sets I have set to Create, edit, view, run and terminate Scheduler tasks; view Scheduler tasks results in the Server Tasks Log. As far as I can tell this is the highest permission that can be given to this perticular field. The problem is that when I log in as the limited user account I can run and edit some of the Server tasks but not all.


      Why is this? And what could I do to get round it without giving full administrator rights. I have compared two tasks, one that can be accessed and one that can't and I can see no obvious difference that is causing this.


      Thanks in advance.