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    Mcafee enterprise V8 won't update

      This is my first post and I realize that this forum does not officially support Enterprise versions however I don't know where else to place my post.

      I've created a new desktop image that includes:

      Window XP Pro SP3 (along with all updated patches as of yesterday 3/6/09)
      McAfee V8.0.0 Definition files 5501 Scan Engine 5300 Patch 13

      The McAfee will not update past the January 20 2009 update. When I try to force an update through the Virus Console, it will get as far as "Loading update configuration from catalog.xml" then the next line is "update finished".

      The Windows firewall is turned off too so that's not the issue. Is there any known problems with McAfee V8 and Windows XP SP3 that I haven't been able to find on the web?

      Any help would be appreciated.