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    Viruscan Enterprise 8.8 won't update

      I am running Windows XP on an HP Laptop.  The connection to the 'net is good, proxy is all set up properly. 

      To be sure, I have reinstalled VSE 8.8. What I get is a very simple message that an error has occured updating the product.  

      I have pulled another laptop, running Windows 7, but also running VSE 8.8, and that will u pdate.  CAn someone suggest

      why it would NOT update in the XP environment? 


      I should also point out that Virusscan has been updating fine for some time on these laptops.  The last update for this model that was successful was only 15 days ago.  We created an updated image (Using Ghost) on that date and the update was successful at that time.  I have reimaged the laptop just to make  sure there are no problems and yet it will STILL not update.







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          Peter M

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            Dear Doug,


            Kindly confirm whether the PC is managed by ePO or Unmanaged if its managed then try to deploy the McAfee agent also could you pls post the exact error msg your getting during update the VSE 8.8 and  post the update log from the following location


            Start Run-%deflogdir%-press enter


            could you try to update the product  manually by downlaoding the SDAT latest version from the McAfee site


            on 02/03/12 6:56:24 EST AM
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              Hello Sir



              One time I had the same problem on a Computer in our firm. That all was looking OK, VirusScan correct installed, but does not updated. Strange Error messages during updates

              The problem was just that the C:\ Drive was complete out of more free space. I deleted temp files and unused files on C:\ Drive. After that it have enough space back, the update was back running with the DAT Files. A DAT File also need a little bit of free space from C:\ Drive


              But if I read your problem it's maybe another thing..


              You Imaged over Norton Ghost. If your Clients are managed over EPO Server: Did you delete before the Image was created the EPO Agent GUID in the Registry?: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Agent\Agent GUID.


              Not that you have now 3 Imaged Clients with same GUID and thats why you can not update. If you have EPO Server which manages your clients and create Images from running EPO Clients, first everytime delete the EPO Agent GUID in Registry.


              Sorry if this 2 things were not the solution.

              Greetings Sven

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                These are fresh images, with all the room necessary.  Also, these are not imaged over Norton. 

                Thanks for the reply. I"m still working on it.