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    NSM constantly erroring on sig download


      With the release of the new sig set this morning our NSM has been erroring every minute until we turned off the automated sig download process.  So we're having 2 issues here.


      One the setting is set to try every hour but in reality the system is retrying every minute and it sends a error & then error cleared email every minute because of this.


      Secondly the manager seems to be failing to get to the resources to download the content.  The following error is what shows in the logs.



      Scheduled signature set download failed
      Condition Type:ScheduledUpdateFailure
      Alarm Type:Management
      Last Occurrence Time:2012-Mar-01 09:33:56 EST
      Additional Text:The Manager is unable to perform the scheduled signature set download from the Update Server. Error Message: Access status for the url 'https://menshen.intruvert.com/signature/xml/Heterogeneous/sigset7.5.8.9.xml' is, the http response code is, 404, the response status is ,Not Found.


      Trying to go to the URL listed puts up a username/password prompt to gain access.  The https://menshen.intruvert.com website is the one listed in the SNS alerts as well as a location to go acquire the download so I would assume it's supposed to still be active.  I then went to the McAfee download grant portal to get the sig set manually but the file is not there either.  So it seems the SNS alert went out and the NSM list was updated to say these files exist but in reality they don't.

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          This should be now resolved as we had a problem with that specific sigset.


          Regarding your other question, the NSM scheduler will run evry hour after the last pull (or check) is completed. In this case the response code it was receiving was a 404, therefore it kept re-trying.