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    Does Virusscan check password protected DOCX and ZIP files?

      Dealing with a lot of password protected MS Office 2010 type files, and password protected ZIP files. Typically, I perform targeted scans to be sure that files are scanned, not trusting to the OnAccess scanner.  I'm surprised at how quickly, say, 2.5G worth of data is scanned.


      The rapidity with which these files are being processed got me wondering if virusscan was in fact checking the contents of the password protected files.


      Looked in the MS Windows OS Event Log - Application and spotted numerous  "Unable to scan" entries. Looks like Virusscan 8.8 is just ignoring the password protected files.


      If I know the password for the protected files, is it possible to configure Virusscan so that it uses a provided password to access password protected files and carry out it's scan operation?


      I look forward to your response