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    Virtual Machine Protection Questions

      This might seem like a no brainer questions, but I would like to know what McAfee's definition is of a virtual machine.

      My reasoning is that we are currently deploying VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) at work. Basically we use thin stations that connect to a VM server. Most of the users desktops are "non_persistent" desktops, meaning that once they log off the machine it is destroyed.

      I have not found much info on what exactly can be done to monitor, deploy or work with VirusScan on VDM's.

      We are currently using 8.5 patch 6 on Epo 4.0 and I would like to upgrade to 8.7 if there is any major benefits, especially with regards to VDM's/

      Does anyone have any insight or maybe you are deploying McAfee to VM systems and have some feedback.

      Thanks for your time,