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    DENY ALL rule blocking port 443 traffic....???


      I am having problems allowing traffic through to some printer mgmt software our new supplier needs us to use.   He said I need to open up port 443 to https traffic and be able to reach the following websites






      I get the following message in the logs regarding this traffic.


      2012-03-01 09:51:12 -0600 f_http_proxy a_aclquery t_attack p_major

      pid: 67147 logid: 0 cmd: 'httpp' hostname: nocgate1.humdev.com

      category: policy_violation event: ACL deny attackip:

      attackzone: internal application: <Unknown TCP> srcip:

      srcport: 54174 srczone: internal protocol: 6 dst_geo: JP

      dstip: dstport: 443 dstzone: external rule_name: Deny All

      cache_hit: 1 ssl_name: Exempt All reason: Traffic denied by policy.



      I can't figure out why deny all is stopping this.      I can't ping the IP above either.   I know it is located in Japan but I don't have that geoblocked.  I get another ip referenced in the logs regarding trying to get to these websites and it is     I'm stumped.   I've had to open up several non standard tcp ports in the past 6 months but this doesn't reference that.   443 should be open already.   Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for you help.    JK