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    Searching tickets in MVM buggy

      When doing a search of tickets I'm finding serious buggyness.  I do a Status of Assigned, then Assigned to (myself) followed by Group by Asset.  The results page shows all tickets assigned to me, then I do a sort by Tickets, so that the most numerous is at the top. ***Note, the total records is above 900, sometimes over 1000, making total pages (if you choose to show 100 records per page) over 9.  When you click on the sort, sometimes the most numerous tickets go to the top and then other times it wont.  Likewise if you click on Next Page, the second page shows "no records".  I'm hoping someone else has seen this and can point us in the right direction to fix it. 


      - Frustrated

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          Also another buggy thing in Tickets is the number of items assigned to an asset (ie, a computer might have 4 vulnerabilities (all high), thus having 4 tickets) when you click on the asset, it will only show partial tickets, or may show more than what the system says it has.  We last updated the system (7.0) in December.  Any insight?



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            Hi mattjsr,


            I've just tested this, and I'm not seeing the same behavior.


            Can you confirm if your MVM is fully patched to version 7.0.5?


            If you're fully patched, and it's still and issue for you, then please open a Service Request:


            For contact details:

            -  Go to: http://www.mcafee.com/us/about/contact/index.html
            -  Non-US customers - select your country from the list of Worldwide Offices.

            Log in to the ServicePortal at: https://mysupport.mcafee.com:

            -  If you are a registered user, type your User Id and Password and click OK.
            -  If you are not a registered user, click New User and complete the required fields. Your password and login instructions will be emailed to you.




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              Here's what we're at now:

              Database Version7.0.1592011-12-20 12:19:16
              FASL version in Vulns table7.0.2322011-12-21 05:34:42
              Custom FASL Version in Vulns table7.0.02011-12-20 12:18:30
              VulnCategories table version7.0.2322011-12-21 05:33:46
              Services table version7.0.02011-12-20 12:18:30
              Foundstone Standard Templates version7.0.2322011-12-21 05:34:57
              SmartAttackMaster table version7.0.2322011-12-21 05:33:42
              SqlAttackMaster table version7.0.2322011-12-21 05:33:44
              SCodeVulnMaster table version7.0.2322011-12-21 05:35:37
              Foundstone database hot fix version7.0.5 2011-12-21 06:04:44
              Custom OsPrints version7.0.02011-12-20 12:18:30
              FSUpdate table version6.7.02011-12-21 06:04:33
              Threats table version7.0.02011-12-21 06:03:06
              Compliance version7.0.12011-12-20 12:22:24
              CVS Score version7.0.2322011-12-21 05:34:44
              Vulns Buffer Overflow Protection Coverage version7.0.2322011-12-21 05:34:45
              Policy Settings version7.0.2322011-12-21 05:34:49
              VulnAssociatedSoftware table version7.0.2322011-12-21 05:34:47
              Minimum required MVM Extension version7.0.0.1112011-12-21 06:04:40
              Maximum extension version the fsEPOGetData is aware of7.0.0.1112011-12-21 06:04:40
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                hi mattjsr,


                Looks like you're at 7.0.5 (in the DB at least).  What does FCM report for the Enterprise Manager?





                FCM Console


                Expand out (click the +) for the system where the Enterprise Manager is running...


                Highlight Enterprise Manager, and confirm it is at 7.0.5?


                What IE Version are you using?



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                  Yes FCM is at  and IE is at 9.0.8112.16421

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                    Hi mattjsr,


                    Try with IE8 - IE9 is not certified to work with MVM Version 7.0x.


                    You can also try using Compatability Mode in IE9 (might work).


                    I hope that helps!

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                      Thanks Cathy.  We tried IE8 and still same issue.

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                        Interesting...  try clearing browser cache, and see if the problem still exists.  If it does, and you can't solve it, then a Service Request is your best option.

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                          We had to open a SR.  Will post solution when one is found.

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