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    Event ID 257 and 258



      At times I see an error in VS8.8 trying to update a mirror, which reports event ID 258, with the description "The update failed; see event log."

      Is there any other location aside from the Windows Event Log where I can find more information about the error? The description in the event log for ID 258 is insufficient.


      The question is not really about how to solve this, but rather on how to find detailed debug information about this error.


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      PS: This happens on VS8.8 5400.1158, DAT 6633.0000 on W7Pro

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          I've been having the same problem with my update mirror tasks for the last couple days.

          I believe it may be due to the large DATs that McAfee has stated they are releasing this week.

          I use an update mirror location as a repository for a secondary domain that does not have internet access.

          Even though it is failing at some point, I am still getting the updated DAT to my mirror and my secondary ePO server is able to pull it.


          There is an additional log here: %DEFLOGDIR%\MirrorLog.txt

          (defaults to: C:\ProgramData\McAfee\DesktopProtection\ on 08 server)



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            Thank you, Joey. That helps.

            I will keep looking for some other way to get a more detailed log of what happened. Something as you can find in Linux will be great.

            As for the download size, you are right. McAfee's updates are not great for installations in locations with poor connections; these monolithic downloads usually fail many times before completing successfuly.

            What about using torrents for this? I'm getting tired of having to restart the download every so often.