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    memory error window

      good morning I'm a partner and I have a client on a SaaS product of random positions gives the message that I put in the image (image text in Spanish).


      We have tried to uninstall, install, mvsunist.exe, deleted temporary registration lines, etc..


      The fault persists.


      the computer has Windows XP with 2gm of ram and 2.8 dual core processor.


      can help me?

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          Please let me know the McAfee version and patch installed in your computer.


          Please follow the given instructions to get this issue fixed.


          1. Reboot the system

          2. Navigate to the Services(services.msc from the "Run"window)

          3. Please stop the below services,


              *McAfeeVirus and Spyware

          4. If the services fail to stop, you would need to change the Startup type to "Disabled", save the change and then reboot the system to      continue with the other steps.

          5. Navigate to


               C:\ProgramFiles\McAfee\Managed VirusScan\Agent\rmrcache


               Remove any file that you have in this location


          6. Navigate to


              C:\ProgramFiles\McAfee\Managed VirusScan\Temp


              Remove any file from this location


          1. Enable     the McAfee Services back, try doing a manual update.


          Please let me know if you have any other queries and I will be assisting you further.



          RaviShankar. R

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            problem solved. thank you very much

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              Thanks for updating us the status. It is very glad to know that your issue has been resolved. Please feel free to post us if you have any issues in future. Have a great Weekend.



              Ravi Shankar. R

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                good afternoon, it is producing the error again, I tried to perform the steps rmrcache deleting files and rest and persists. I also removed the application, deleting files that were in c: and i install and initially goes well but then the failure occurs.


                a fact that had not mentioned is that although it gives the error indicated in the above post is updated team well.



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                  Hi agomezm2,


                  Please let us know the country/region that you live in, so we would give you our Technical support department number.


                  Please call us and we will help you resolve the issue.



                  Pritish P.