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    How to deliver a pre-configured ods.cfg file

      Hi, I have a need to deliver a pre-configured ods.cfg file for use by VSE 1.6 for Linux but cannot seem to get my system to recognize the modifications I've made to that file. 

      I have a new ods.cfg file configured as I intend for my system.  I see the existing ods.cfg file that is installed at /var/opt/NAI/LinuxShield/etc and have a script that replaces it on installation.

      However, that doesn't seem to be getting picked up.  (For instance, my only exclusion is /proc.)


      What else do I need to do for my new ods.cfg file to get picked up by VSE?  I've tried a /etc/init.d/nails reload, restart, stop/start, all to no avail.







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          Okay, the answer turned out to be simple: Indeed the ods.cfg file in the /var/opt/NAI/LinuxShield/etc directory was the correct location. 

          The issue was that we had both an nailsd.profile.ODS.filter.N.X and  nailsd.profile.ODS_1.filter.N.X entries.  I had added my exclusions to the ODS_1.filter entries, but that was not what the Web Interface would display when it was started.  I added my entries to the ODS.filter properties and all was resolved.


          I still don't understand what the ODS_1 is. Is it another profile?  Why can't I see it from my Web interface?  Is it in error to have it there?