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    Upgrade v4.0 P4 to v4.0 P7

      Hi all,


      Background: Currently running EPO v4.0 Patch 4 (build 1221).


      In preparation to move to EPO v4.6 I need to go to the intermediate stage of v4.0 P7.  After applying v4.0 Patch 7, dashboards are completely broken; none will display and we just get an empty screen with the standard EPO navigation menu at the top.  We can still edit dashboards, set active, etc. but none will display.  All the rest of EPO's functionality appears to be working.


      I've since returned to the VM snapshot I took before applying Patch 7 and everything is back working normally on Patch 4.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing EPO not to display dashboards after upgrading from v4.0 P4 to P7?

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          Laszlo G

          Hi kao, this can be due to a server extension corruption after upgrading ePO to patch 7. Perhaps you can try to compare your epo's extensions list after and before upgrade so you can see which one could fail.

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            Problem solved:


            Re-applied Patch 7 and experienced the same behaviour as before.  This time I spent more time investigating...


            Normally I use Internet Explorer 9 to access the EPO website.  When using IE 9, no dashboards were displayed.  I then tried using IE 7 and lo-and-behold, dashboards were displayed.  That narrowed it down to a browser issue.  Got everyone using IE 9 to clear all browser state info (eg. cookies, cache, etc) and then revisit EPO site... dashboards were back.


            Some state information that IE 9 was storing was preventing the display of dashboards after the v4.0 P4 to P7 upgrade.  Clearing IE 9 state fixed problem.  Interesting that the problem did not occur with IE 7.


            Thank you to ulyses31 for their helpful post and to everyone who took the time to read and consider my problem.