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    I can use internet explorer just fine, until I have to do anything with windows

      It started last year,  I got that fact antivirus pop up.. I accidentally clicked on it.  Since then I have had all sorts of small <but feels big> problems. It wouldnt allow me access to my turbo tax for two of the three years, destroyed my monitor device driver.  I have fixed most all problems, I had to install trend micro on a friends computer, but it said it needed security pk 1 and 2.. My computer didn't have it either, so I updated to sp 1, 2.  Then in upgraded to IE 9.  I updated my video graphics device driver.  The problems are still there.  All is fixed except for major problem.  I can get onto IE9, <works great> but anytime I do anything with windows, clicking on icons, or trying to restore <which now shows I have no restore points, nor can I even find my system restore on my computer> it freezes up.  Wont let me control alt,del, I have to to a hard shutdown and turn it back on.  Shows my ram is fine, no problems there.  I believe I must have a Trojan or malware, somewhere, but new to this computer stuff.  I had the old trend micro prior to having McAfeein 2011.  Not sure what to do to get windows working properly again.  I have a dell windows vista 32 bit.  I have mcafee but it cant find anything.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.