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    V8.7i Installs - Issues

      Hi all,

      just to let you know the issues I have experienced install the new VirusScan v8.7i (no patches currently available).

      1 - if there is no network connection then logons are appreciably slower than v8.0i. This may also be the case if the www link is down. This seems to be experienced by others on the forum with various suggestions made.
      2 - Opening AND closing a blank MS Word doc (v2007 in my case) can take 10-15 seconds - it is also slower to perform other functions. Thankfully someone mentioned they'd heard Adobe software can sometimes effect McAfee. I could not find any reference to this here but it only effected laptops with 'Adobe acrobat 7 elements' installed. After removal (Sony install it as part of the factory image) Word now works fine.

      Neither issue happened with v8.0i installed.

      For issue 1, I am hoping that the forthcoming patch will address the log on speed issue. Fortunately, most clients have a good network connection.

      Hope this helps someone out there.