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    Unable to Deploy VSE 8.8 using McAfee EPO to Windows 7 Embedded machines



      i have an issue, where McAfee EPO is unable to deploy VSE8.8 onto Windows 7 Embedded PC's. I have a policy set up when i add a new PC on to our Corporate network McAfee EPO should deploy VSE8.8 to it, it works fine for normal WIndows 7 machines but it wont deploy to Windows 7 Embedded systems, so i have to manually install VSE 8.8 on each PC and then it is able to run scans and retrieve McAfee EPO policies but it is unable to run updates. I have read an article where it states that McAfee VSE 8.8 is not supported on Windows 7 Embedded systems yet until the next patch. Is this true?i am attaching the info i found on the internet about the compatibility, do you know when they are going to release a patch for windows 7 embedded?



      link to the mcafee page where it says about compatibility issues with Win 7 embedded





      also see an image attached


      Thanks in advance.