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    MWG7: Monitoring of Harddisks / RAID




      I wonder if anyone has configured notifications for harddisk failures . In the past we had some failures which no one had taken notice of (a blinking LED in a Serverrack is not unusual at all


      ). Surprisingly that by default the appliance shows NO warning in case of a harddisk fault at all. However, i already configured some error-handler rules without success...

      This is what i have:raidmonitor.jpg


      Anyone had success with this?


      cu. Tim

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          Why do not use the DRAC or iLo alert managment capabilities ?

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            ´cause MWG implements "integrated" alerting via the ruleset itself - what seems much more comfortable to administer.

            It is just not my understanding of an web-manageable appliance if i have to configure health-management via 3rd-party add-on-tools.

            I could also use Linux soft-raid and configure mdadm correctly or write some cron-scripts which read the controller status and generate emails BUT this is a not-so-cheap appliance with hardware-raid controller.

            I would estimate this to work out-of-the-box (at least on the appliance-version of MWG).


            At last: the GUI and documentation promise integrated alerting by Incident-IDs but this feature simply does not work without additional actions what makes this feature dangerous if your rely on it.

            I have not found any reference on how the integrated alerting in case of hardware-failures could be used successfully. Is there any KB article?

            Any chapter in Documentation? What are the actions to be taken to make this feature work?

            Is there any documentation from McAfee on how to realize raid-monitoring with the help of iLo/DRAC?


            cu. Tim