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    Enable the configuration from audit notification - Intrushield IPS M-6050

      Hello , I have a problem. I am setting the option audit notification following the manual "NSP_Admin_Domain_Configuration_61_700-2368-00_en-us.pdf", the syslog server is a RSA Envision but checking the audit logs I see that at times reach the audit logs but at other times not.

      For example,  when I log on with admin user at times I see a audit log but when I log off   I dont see the audit log in the syslog sever sometimes I can see that.

      The same way when I make some modification of settings ,  sometimes fail to see the audit log and other I can to see the audit log in the RSA Envision.syslog_audit_3.jpg


      the configuration in the Intrushield IPS M-6050



      the configuration in Message Preference : Customized




      Why is presenting this type of behavior to send the audit logs?

      Is there a problem with the configuration of the audit notification in the M-6050?


      Thanks a lot of !!