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    delete computers based on a textfile




      Is it possible to delete computers from the epo system tree based on a textfile containing a list of computernames?

      Like you can do to import new computers.




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          If your running ePO 4.6 then the web API supports deleting machines.


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          system.delete names [uninstall]

          Deletes systems from the System Tree by name or ID if permissions allow.

          Requires permission to edit System Tree groups and systems

          [names (param 1) | ids] - You need to either supply the "names" with a comma separated list of names/ip addresses or a comma separated list of "ids".

          uninstall (param 2) - If true, this will also attempt to uninstall the agent from the affected systems.  Default is false.


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          This info came from the ePO.API.Explorer application https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2931


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            thx for the reply,

            sadly enough we're still using ePO 4.5


            But I found a workarround.


            • Create a new group
            • Import the list of computers that I want to delete (via a txt file) into that group with the option "Move systems from their current System Tree location to the synchronized group"
            • select all computers in that group and delete them




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              its not needed to move the PC's to the tree location after import the text file .you can use the query "duplicate systems" its will display the original Pc as well as duplicate entries added by imported text file then you can verify and delete all the PC's .....