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    V8.5 Client AutoUpdate Never Runs - SOLVED

      Hi all

      I have (at least) one v8.5 client that has an AutoUpdate task scheduled to run daily, yet the task never, ever runs (client is Windows Server 2003 Standard Eddition SP2). After digging around in the McAfee files, I've found that the following file for the update task has an entry in it that is always set to Pending after the schedule is supposed to have run :-

      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\Task\TaskInternalData\{A14CD6FC-3BA8-4703-87BF-E3247CE382F5}.ini

      The entry is :-

      The above entry always re-sets itself to 1, even if I manually set this to 0 before the task is due to execute. No other clients (that I have found) has this set to 1. They all seem to be zero.

      Does anyone know why an 8.5 client AutoUpdate schedule would refuse to run?

      (I'm not running ePo or any extra software, just VirusScan 8.5 looking at a central repository on another 8.5 client)
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          Do these problem clients have "randomisation" set ? - if so try disabling the randomisation.

          • 2. Nope
            Nope. No randomisation, but it does have 'Run if Missed' set to 10 mins (although it never does run). I'll try removing this and re-trying, but all my other clients have this set and are having no probs.

            Lemme test...
            • 3. Nope, Again
              Nope. Disabling the 'Run if Missed' entry does nothing. The task still never runs and the PendingTask entry gets re-set back to 1.

              For clarification, this client (and all of my others) have the following settings :-

              Task Tab :-
              Task Enabled
              Stop the task if it runs for 30 minutes
              User Account Settings set to a domain admin account

              Schedule Tab :-
              Run task Daily at 05:00 Local Time
              Run if missed checked
              Delay missed task by 10 mins
              Schedule task daily every 1 day(s)

              Changing any of these settings, restarting the services etc has no effect. There are no entries in any logfiles or the event logs.
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                Have you tried creating a "New Update Task" with the same scheduling settings ?
                • 5. Yup
                  Yup. No joy. Neither task runs as scheduled :confused:
                  • 6. RE: Yup
                    Any other tasks on the client that DO work as expected ?

                    Are all the AV related services started ? :confused:

                    • 7. Nope Yet Again
                      Just setup a new Mirror task and scheduled it. No joy :confused:

                      It created a TaskInternalData\{GUID}.ini file as I expected, with a PendingTask entry of zero. After the scheduled time, it hadn't run but the PendingTask entry was still zero.

                      This sorta indicates that the PendingTask entry may be a bit of a red herring, or at least another symptom rather than a root cause :eek:

                      In a nutshell, NO scheduled tasks seem to run (can't run a scheduled 'Full Scan' because of the processor hit this would cause during working hours :mad:)

                      All services (McAfee Framework, McAfee McShield and McAfee Task Manager) are running.
                      • 8. Fixed
                        Just in case anyone searches for this issue, I have found a fix.

                        It turns out that the Framework COM+ can't start due to incorrect permissions! To fix, do the following :-

                        Log on as an administrator
                        Stop all McAfee / Network Associates services (you may need to disable the 'Prevent McAfee services from being stopped' option in the 'Access Protection' properties)

                        Open the Component Services MMC snap-in (Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Component Services)
                        In Component Services navigate to Console Root - Computers - My Computer - DCOM Config
                        Right-click FrameworkService and select Properties
                        Select the Security tab
                        Under Launch and Activation Permissions select Use Default
                        Click OK

                        Restart all McAfee services (re-enable the 'Prevent McAfee services from being stopped' option if required).

                        Scheduled jobs should now work happy