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    EEPC 6.1 on Windows 7 EETECH recovery procedure

      Hi All


      Please share with me your expirience on EEPC windows 7 EETECH recovery procedure.

      It is not a secret that partition table structure of Windows 7 and windows XP difer. so please provide me with your expirience on steps how to recover or repair broken windows 7 with EEPC

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          eBoot always works for me when needed, and if I have to decrypt, EETech works fine.  I have never had any experience different with Windows 7 vs. Windows XP.


          This may, however, have more to do with your EEPC policies.  I have produc settings set to encrypt all drives vs the other options of boot only/all disks except boot.  Also, in product settings, I have nothing checked under encryption providers; sepcifically, I believe the "Use windows system drive as boot disk" plays a role here.