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    PD storage troubleshooting




      I am trying to add a value to pd storage for which a rule is created with 2 events:


      set User-Defined.storage = PDStorage.GetUserData.Number("storagefilter")<default> + 1

      PDStorage.AddUserData.Number("storagefilter", User-Defined.storage)<default>


      Initial value is kept to zero and every time the rule hits the value increments by 1

      Action is continue.


      So, I m trying to count the number of times this rule is hit and then I call it in another rule with criteria : PDStorage.GetUserData.Number("storagefilter") to take block action if the count is greater than or equal to 3.


      On testing it I never get block page even though the rules hit. I am not sure if the values are written to PD storage or not. How can we test if values are written to PD storage or not.




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          To add to it, user authentication is done using rule set library rule - "Direct Proxy Authentication and Authorization" before pd storage rule hits..




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            Hi Satbir,


            to check whether the PDStorage value is filled I would add a block page that returns the number, such as adding the property Number.ToString(PDSotrage.GetUserData.Number("storagefilter")) to an error template you call.


            One thing you have mentioned is importand, and this is authentication. If a request is authenticated and MWG known the username, the PDStorage value is associated with the username. If no username is known, the value gets assigned to the users IP - this can be confusing :-)


            Basically I would start with an "Always Block" action as mentioned above (or write the value to a log file with the FileSystem Logging event) and see whether it gets filled. Maybe you can also share some screenshots to allow us to see whats happening.




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              Hi Andre,


              Thanks for the reply.... Issue has now resolved using blocked page method for troubleshooting. 


              I have also tried file system logging method for throubleshooting but values were not written to access.log file I have attached a screenshot of the configuration done. May be i am missing something.