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    Log on to Orion Platform MFS (missing dependencies)


      Hi Group,


      I am having a recurring issue to which I thought I had the solution, but this time I am not able to fix the problem by "traditional means":


      The ePO server rebooted this weekend due to some MS updates and showed the all-too-well-known screen with red errors down the page. I deleted all corrupt extensions from both the folder E:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\ePolicyOrchestrator\Server\extensions\installed and the database table dbo.OrionExtensions, but I still get this screen:



      When I log on with the admin account, I see this:



      There were 7 broken extensions, known by their one-line text in the extension.properties file (instead of multiple lines) but, they are all gone now.


      Judging by the screenshot, done anyone have ideas as to what next steps I should try in order to fix this problem?