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    McSvHost.exe - Application Error?????

      I keep getting this error that goes as follows:



      McSvHost.exe - Application Error

      The instruction at "0x04d5e4b0" refference memory at "0x117204d9". The memory could not be "wrttien".


      Click on OK to terminate the program

      Click on CANCEL to debug the program



      I have already downloaded the McAfee "virtual technician" but this has found no problems with my McAfee program. I currently have Windows xp and when i go to "about" on my McAfee program i get the following:


      McAfee securityCenter

      Version: 11.0

      Build: 11.0.654

      Last update: 2/13/2012


      McAfee VirusScan


      build: 15.0.294

      Last Update2/25/2012


      Any idea what could be causing this???

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          I've that problem too. For me, the solution is to disable Net Guard.

          You can find the Net Guard menu under firewall settings.

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            Follow the below steps


            1.Run disk clean

            • For XP
            • Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type cleanmgr, and then click OK.


            2.Run Checkdisk


            • To perform check disk
            • Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type cmd, and then click OK.
            • In command prompt type chkdsk c: /r
            • Assuming c:\ drive is local disk volume on your computer.
            • If you get a mesage just pres Y and hit enter and restart the computer.


            3.Run Disk Defragmentation on your computer.

            • Open My Computer.
            • Right-click the local disk volume(c:\) that you want to defragment, and then click properties
            • On the tools tab click Defragment now
            • Click defragment


            After completing the above steps you may work o nthe computer and please let us know if you still have issues.


            Thanks and regards,

            Krishna Nandan Singh

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              As I said in your other post re this this is an XP only issue so defrag etc should not be the cause.


              1 netguard can cause this

              2. installing alcohol 120% can (fix available) Also uninstalling this program not by the included uninstall program can leave the issue happening.Any program or shortcut with a % sign in it can cause the issue.

              3.Do you have adobe air or tweak ui installed. These are 2 common programs with 3 posters with this issue. Not saying they are the cause but noting this .

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                What exactly is "netguard"? and alcohol 120%? and i dont have adobe air nor do i have tweak ui.


                i ran a chkdsk and defrag and cleaned my pc. i also ran a registry cleaner that removed old MSO files that had been left behind (CCleaner)

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                  Open Mcafee security centre and go to web and email protection. open firewall and you will see netguard. Disable it and see if this helps. it is a tempory fix till netguard fix comes. this not happening to every1. My XP install is very stable.


                  Alcohol 120% is a burning software more commom than I realised. Having it installed will cause mcsvhost error popups so it was found out. I confirmed this by installing it on the previously stable XP test Pc I use. The issue was caused by the % symbols in the shortciuts and start menu items.


                  So after cleaning did it stop the errors

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                    I also have Alcohol 120% in my computer and I can't afford losing it before it is very useful for what I do everyday. Is there a way McAfee can choose not to read this program or at least give it permission to run freely?

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                      Yes there is a FAQ I will get for you easy to fix .Just rename all shortcuts with % in them and start menu folders and shortcuts. Easy to do I tested it myself




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                        @ bulshadouw




                        To fix that McSvHost.exe error, I really suggest you to disable Net Guard.

                        For me it works!

                        To do this follow the steps written by Peacekeeper.

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                          Mate if he (klauzser has alcohol 120% he will have this error caused by the % sign in links and shortcuts. Once he fixes that maybe netguard issue comes into play but usually 1 issue only is the cause. Why we are seeing so many different causes and 1 unknown cause and others like my test box is stable I do not know but am trying to dig into this. I will bash the techs re this tomorrow in our call.

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