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    VShield 8.7 High Mem Usage


      Running Vista Sp1. 2GB RAM / 2.4 Dual Core CPU

      High memory usage occurs for several minutes after boot. Mainly EngineServer. I can survive to the rest of vital "mcafee" processes, but would like to understand why is it consuming so much?

      VsTskMgr.exe - 1.3mb
      UpdaterUI.exe - 632k
      shstat.exe - 480k
      naprdMgr.exe - 680k
      mfevtps.exe - 640k
      mfeann.exe - 844k
      mcshield.exe - 15.2~mb
      frameworkservice.exe - 1.1~mb
      EngineServer.exe 32~130mb ??

      I was hoping to regain lost resources to 8.5, but this version is just as bad.
        • 1. Memory Guesstimate
          I'm not an expert, but I believe the high RAM usage is to accommodate the *******' enormous definition file. Remember a few years ago it was 10-11 MB Dat files, but the number of bugs has grown and the dat has too. Which means more memory to load it into memory for fast retrieval. Could you imagine going to disk for each file check?

          Just my 2 cents.
          • 2. RE: Memory Guesstimate
            I could agree with you, however auto update is schedule to occur at 9:00am then every 6hrs and this problems is occurring between update intervals. Not only that there were no DAT updates available when system rebooted. Additionally SuperDAT is over 130mb, so if your theory is right and antivirus DAT files are stored in the memory than McAfee would consume high system resources all the time, this only occurs during the boot. So going back to my point why would it be using so much RAM during the boot, what is it doing?
            • 3. RE: Memory Guesstimate
              Unless your installation is "broken" there should always be a DAT available which needs to be loaded during the McAfee process startup at boot time.....