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    Mcafee preboot authentication window.


      I was encrypted my machines hard disk with eepc 6.but due to some reason I have decrypted the same machine through epo console.

      On client machine showing that whole disk is decrpted.After some time I restarted machine.It was asking for mcafee preboot authentication.

      Pleae let me know how to remove this authentication window.

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          Hemant Koli

          Hello Pkale,


          Please follow the below steps.


          1. Logon ePO Console

          2. Menu---> Policy ----> Policy Catalog

          3. Product - Endpoint Encryption -----> Category - Product Settings

          4. Create a New Policy OR Edit current Policy if not assigned to any other systems.

          5. Uncheck Enable Policy Under General Tab.

          6.  Assig to system to which u don't need the Preboot Login

          7. Wake Up Agent.


          it will work....