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    Question about net gaurd

      I was wondering About net Gaurd.Mcafee has alerted me 2 times in last 4 or 5 days about a Blocked Risky connection.Since I have had Mcafee I have never recieved 1 of these Pop ups.I now have had 2 in the past Few days.I have done scans with Mcafee & Malwarebytes both of which found nothing.Although I Understand These are Blocked attempts.I was a Little concerned Due to the sudden frequency of the pop ups.Can anyone supply me with any other Info?Is there something That raises any Flags here? It Seems to be Associated with some kind of attempt( Backdoor Trojon)? These are the 2  I.Ps  Thanks





      ip net.JPG



      risky con.JPG

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          Peter M

          Well at least Net Guard is protecting you.  You must have something installed that tries to make the connection.   Any file sharing or gaming?

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            Hi EX_Brit No File sharing or Gaming.The odd thing Is Just this week was the first time I even have had a Pop up like this & it has happened 2 differant days.

            1 did Notice on Inbound It was Listed as trying to Access port 1234 - Ultors Trojan/ info seek search agent ? But that`s about all.I do Know I have a ton Of inbound attempts on just about any port you can Name.LOL But Curious as the 2 first time pop ups in a few days.

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              Peter M

              Inbound Events are simply a record of what was blocked and we all get those.   It's hard to say what the popups were about, I guess support might be able to analyse logs etc.   Probably some software you have occasionally makes attempts to call home, who knows?

              If you are satisfied that you are malware-free there's really nothing to worry about.


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                O.k thanks Peter.I know the Inbound attempts are logged as blocked.I was Just Curious because Like I said In the Entire Time I have had Mcafee Installed I never recieved a Pop up from Net guard about Risky connections.But have now had 2 In about 4 days.That was the intriguing part I guess.That's really all.My Computer does`nt exibit any signs of Malware & the scans All come up Clean.But that Is`nt always a guarantee I guess.LOl  When You say a program I have calling Home? Are you thinking the reason this occurred was a Program I have Installed?Never really read Up on Net guard what does it really do? I assumed it works in conjunction with firewall.


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                  Peter M

                  I think I've seen it once here.   But not sure.   Let's hope it was nothing.


                  It's guard not gaurd by the way.   ;-)




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                    Just recieved another Risky connection Block while on Youtube? Can anyone explain why all the sudden I keep recieving these Alerts when I have not had any all Year.All scans have come up clean.



                    net gaurd.JPG


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                      Peter M

                      Well maybe certain YouTube entries are dangerous?   Just a thought.

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                        Well the thing that concerns me like I said.Is the fact that I have never recieved a net gaurd alert since owning Mcafee.Now I have recieved an Alert 3 times in 5 days?

                        All With I.P starting with 91?

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                          Peter M

                          That IP is in the Ukraine, a place that originates an awful lot of malware.


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