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    Mcafee dashboard count not constant


      Hi Team,


      I have been observing that my dasboard dat deployment chart  & other charts dont show constant figures. For eg in the morning if the dat deployment chart shows around 1200 machines by afternoon it drastically reduces to 900-990 machines & again by evening it comes to around 1100 sort of.


      What is this & why is this happening.


      Awaiting reply from ur end.


      Thanks & Regards

      Vijay Narayanaswamy.

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          Attila Polinger



          I would say that could be due to daily DAT update wave when in the morning deployment chart shows yesterday's DAT distribution and in the afternoon the today's DAT makes clients look no more current. The difference could be due to clients performing self updates continually until all of them are fresh again.


          I would say if you stop master repository pull task for a day, this theory could be confirmed (based on the fact that no more new DAT will be checked in so clients will be compared to the same DAT each day) or denied :-) .