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    Firewall Service Disabled and Filtering Not Working

      Hello.  After installing the SaaS Endpoint Protection on my church's computers, a few of them are not picking up the Internet Filtering Policy (i.e. I can browse Adult sites which I have set to be blocked in the policy that I created) and the Firewall Protection is Disabled.  If I click on <Fix>, nothing happens.  I have moved the affected computers from the Policy that I created for Internet Filtering to the McAfee Default Policy (which apparently has no Internet Filtering nor is it possible to enable it) then I move the computers back to the policy that I created then go back to the computer and select <Update Now>, but the computer still makes it to sites that i shouldn't.  Further, I even made an exclusion by blocking www.playboy.com in my policy and the computer can still make it to that site.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for your help.