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    link to support site from security center is not correct

      In the help and support pane of Mcafee Internet security (security center) there is a link to the "mcafee support site". This link goes to:

      http://home.mcafee.com/campaign.aspx?cid=71446&lang=en-us&lcid=1033&langid=1&cul ture=en-US&rcode=Emerald10&version=11.0&affid=782


      Unfortunately i get the message:

      We’re sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.


      Why do i get this error message? Is it linked to the fact that MVT only recognises mcafee site adviser and won't recognise my Mcafee Internet security?

      My guess is that it has to do with the fact that i bought this version via my bank and this version is not fully incorporated in all the mcafee databases.

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          Peter M

          Try clearing cookies perhaps?   Mine goes to the main support page (click to enlarge):




          However I downloaded my product from the Australian servers so the support link goes there, but that shouldn't make a difference.


          As far as MVT not finding products, that happens sometimes if the products are provided through 3rd parties like your PC maker, ISP or College for example, as they alter the interface so much that it fools MVT.   That could also be why that support link leads to a non-existent page.

          The MVT problem can also happen if you are using an old MVT download.  It has to be uninstalled after use and a fresh copy installed each time.


          You might want to open a case with Technical Support on this however as there may be a fault in your installation, linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.   The page you posted is a dead page on the US servers which is interesting, did you download from the USA?













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            Cookies are cleaned regularly (CCleaner), so that's not it.


            I think I have a full normal version of mcafee internet security, not a 3rd party altered version.

            I bought a voucher from my bank with a nice discount, then one receives a link to mcafee.nl where you enter the vouchercode and buy it. One could subsequently download the dutch version there. I however subsequently login to my mcafee.com account and download the english installer from there (http://home.mcafee.com/root/myaccount.aspx). So i have an english version of Mcafee Internet Security instead of a dutch version.


            I don't think it's an installation problem. Think it has to do with one of the codes in the link: cid=71446&lang=en-us&lcid=1033&langid=1&culture=en-US&rcode=Emerald10&version=1 1.0&affid=782. Probably the mcafee server does not recognise this combination.

            MVT probably checks one or more of these codes in my windows registry and does not recognise them. Therfore it thinks nothing is installed.

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              Peter M

              Yes it sounds like it's confused by possible mixed US/NL flags.    I could suggest a complete uninstall via Control Panel, then use the cleanup tool linked under Useful Links at top of page, reboot and reinstall from your account.   It might help.   Other than that there may be a registry fix but Support would be the best place to ask that.


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                Done it already. After the cleanup tool I even manually searched for McAfee on harddrive and in the registry and deleted all that was not removed by the cleanup tool.


                McAfee is running nicely on my system for years now and prevented me from getting some virus infections (at those moments your glad you have a virusscanner installed). I used to get a oem disc send by my bank for installation (installed the dutch version from the disc, uninstalled it, and then install the english version from McAfee.com). In those years i was sent to a correct support page and i could run MVT without problems.

                However since they started using vouchers 2 years ago, the link always gave the above error and mvt wouldnt recognise my installed mcafee anymore.

                Today i got the spirit to try and get it solved.


                I like using MVT as a double check to confirm everything is still running correctly. Like sending your car to the dealer once in a while for a checkup.


                Thanks, I'll try contacting support.

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                  Peter M

                  It looks like using that card causes the installation to become an OEM one...similar to those supplied by ISP's, PC makers etc.    That would explain it...perhaps.    Support may be able to clarify it.  Good luck.