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    Generic Backdoor!dxx Virus help needed

      I’ve had a virus now since Monday February 20th,it’s now Friday 24th February 2012.


      Since obtaining this virus I’ve installed McAfee andPCTools, both have virus removal software, a scan takes around 2 to 4 hours andalways finds a bunch of viruses.


      I can run the Scan, delete the viruses run the scan againand it will find more viruses.


      One virus that is always in the list is - GenericBackdoor!dxx PC Tools and McAfee both always ask me to restart the PC to removethis virus. If I do this, the PC will not restart, goes into Repair mode andthe only way to get Windows 7 running again is to do a system restore meaning Istill have the virus – rinse and repeat, I’ve spent hours/days trying to solvethis now.


      Another problem which is probably related is if I launchFireFox, I have some kind of google redirect virus, if I search something onGoogle like “hello” and then click on one of the results, it takes me to a sitecalled Dgame.info and then redirects me to another page.


      Is this all related, can anyone offer me any suggestions oradvice here?


      I noticed that on lot’s of forums people say to do a SystemRestore, my restore does not go back far enough now, all restore points containthe virus.